Have You Heard From Your Missionary?

ALERT: Listen to the Mission will permanently be going off-line as of January 21, 2020. Please download any archived recordings before this date, as they will be permanently deleted!

About Us

Listen to the Mission is a new twist on an old missionary tradition. Do you remember when missionaries would mail home cassette tapes? We’ve modernized the tape recorder so that missionaries can record a five-minute message using any telephone and then it is emailed home each P-day. The process is simple:

  1. Parents/guardians sign up their missionaries at listentothemission.com.
  2. Missionaries call our toll-free number on P-day.
  3. Missionaries dial in the access code we email to both the missionary and you.
  4. Missionaries talk for 5 minutes.
  5. We email you the 5-minute message.

Now you don’t have to read between the lines because you can hear your missionary’s experiences from them each week. Stop reading. Start listening.

Check out our instructional video below for more details!


Listen to the Mission™ is available by monthly subscription of $9.95.* Your missionary receives 20 minutes of recording time each month. You receive an archive that you can listen to again and again.


Complete the requested information and choose the number of months. For example, how many months are left in the mission? If you select 18 or 24 months (the whole mission), you can choose a delayed start because the service can’t be accessed from the MTC. Consider when your missionary will arrive in their mission, and choose the closest option.

Payment and access:

Paypal® will process your payment, and return you to our site to complete your registration. You and your missionary will then receive an email with instructions and access codes. Recordings can begin as soon as the missionary's next p-day.

*Pricing in some missions may be slightly higher due to increased international toll-free costs. Pricing will be announced as soon as service in foreign missions becomes available.